For years we have been looking with admiration at the teams that are running with the Roparun. This year we are not only cheering them from the sidelines, but we are also participating: team TRILUX LEDsFoundation goes Roparun! The Roparun? We’ll help you out: The Roparun is a relay race of more than 500 kilometers in which teams perform in sports and collect money for people with cancer. Also called an adventure for life. The motto of Roparun is: “Add life to the days, where often no more days can be added to life”.


Team LEDsFoundation will leave Paris on June 8th and will cover the 532 kilometers in 2.5 days towards the finish on June 10th in Rotterdam (Watch the route). This comes down to about 65 kilometers per person! Besides this sporting effort, a lot of effort must also be made to raise money for this charity, because too much can never be raised for people living with cancer. Team LEDsFoundation will organize various actions, sell lots and approach partners for sponsorship in the next six months.


A Roparun team will take the relay with an average of 25 people. We are still looking for two runners, three physiotherapists/masseurs and at least four drivers of the cars. Are you ready for this sporting challenge or do you know who to ask for it? Then send a message to Johan ( You can also contact him if you have questions or a plan for raising as much money as possible. In the run-up to the Roparun we will keep you informed about the developments around the team and the sponsor actions via TRIXI and our Socials.


Besides our sporting efforts we also make an effort to raise as much money as possible for charity. All donations will go to the care of people with cancer. You can support us in different ways.


1. Make a donation to team LEDsFoundation with donation module on the website of Roparun.
2. SMS “ROPARUN366” to 4333 for a one-time donation of € 3,- to our team.
3. Buy tickets (€ 2,50 per ticket) for the Roparun Lottery via one of the team members.

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